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Storm Chaser fields tests the SureCall Fusion2GO 3.0 and SureCall Fusion4Home Units

Just when we thought that SureCall had made one of the best cellular amps on the market today, the have done it again with the SureCall Fusion2GO 3.0.  Last year we were fortunate to review the SureCall Fusion2GO 2.0 unit.  This was again a major improvement over the already much improved SureCall Fusion2GO cell amp.  […]

Davis Vantage Vue/Vantage Pro 2 proves vital for storm chasers

The use of weather stations in a storm chasing environment can be a challenging but necessary one. Many stations have been used in a mobile environment but with usually less than desirable results.  Problems such as mounting the unit, the location in proximity to the roof of the vehicle and the usual hazards of the […]

Review of the New SureCall Fusion2Go 2.0 Cellular Signal Booster

Many of us in the storm chasing community are always looking for better ways to improve our mobile internet capabilities.  This has been achieved in different ways in the past few years by using Mifi’s or Jetpacks located on the dash, external antennas and cell boosters that claimed to “boost” signal. Back in the early […]

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